Kitchen revolution in the garbage disposal disposer waste water treatment system [garbage ZERO] garbage decomposition into water and carbon dioxide ... the industry's first innovative garbage disposal disposer system.

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We're happy that EIWA is 25th old this year since December 24th, 1988. We "EIWA" is specialized in manufacturing Crane and lift conveyor and robot. Since our company was founded in 1988, we have been developing and producing and planning designed with our high quality skill and confidence. Our policy is ''never disatisfy the client''. We are waiting for you to become our client.

Company Name Eiwa
Representative Director Kazumi Furuhashi
Location (offices and headquarters factory) 〒431-1103 Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Nishi-ku, Koto-cho 5837-1
Second office/Factory 〒431-1103 Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Nishi-ku, Koto-cho 2902-5
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Approval number Shizuoka Governor allowed (General) No. 26973
Steel Structures Contractors and mechanical equipment installation industry, electrical construction industry, elevator inspection qualified personnel certification No. 11911
Main customers and delivery destination JR passenger railway Co., Ltd., Tokai transportation machinery and Nagoya City Transportation Bureau, Toyohashi Railroad, Yamaha Motor ・ FDK ・ Yazaki resources and Nippon Sharyo, Ltd. (goods and construction), each prefecture bid and a diamond electric elevator facilities Co., Ltd.
BUSINESS ceiling crane elevator plant facilities and garbage disposal machine, crushing machine, mechanical remodeling and factory layout of dedicated equipment and various transport equipment, marina facilities and special machinery development
Planning, design, construction, maintenance, and maintenance Aerial self-propelled's Sky two master table Aerial seven service vehicles and four tons UNIC vehicles and special construction tools vehicle other
Test and machinery and equipment motor testing machine, various types of data equipment and shirring 4 × 8 ・ song machine and semi-automatic welding machine 8 aircraft-angle processing machines, lathes, milling band saw and hydraulic puncher four aluminum welding machines, Teigu Press - 60 tons 200 tons other ants honey jet washing machines and three-layer oil classification layer, 4 ton lifter other
Authorities relationship periodic inspection agency and administration documents submitted agency-performance inspection Inspection Office attended inspection and crisis management consulting and crane special technician certification training
TEL 053-486-3950
FAX 053-486-3960
business hours
Regular holiday Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
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Ltd. Eiwa


Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture

Nishi-ku, Koto-cho 5837-1

TEL 053-486-3950

FAX 053-486-3960

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