Kitchen revolution in the garbage disposal disposer waste water treatment system [garbage ZERO] garbage decomposition into water and carbon dioxide ... the industry's first innovative garbage disposal disposer system.

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Product information

Processing method comparison of garbage zero

Conventional processing method ZERO processing method

Mechanism of garbage zero

Mechanism of garbage zero
Gabage that can be disposed by the zero.

Vegetables, fruits, fish, small bones such as

chicken, leftover food, noodles, bread cakes

not disposable

Big bone, shell, egg shells, such as spare ribs,

corn, those long fibers such as bamboo shoots of

leather, cigarette butts, disposable chopsticks,

wood, bamboo, metal products, such as a spoon,


Conceptual diagram of garbage zero

Conceptual diagram of garbage zero

Product Specifications

Garbage ZERO installation image

Disposer part

Power/Power Consumption AC100V(50/60Hz)/370w
Motor Commutator motor 370w (1/2 ps) 2600 rotations per minute
External dimensions/Weight 90mm W x 190mm D x 390 H 4.1Kg
Injection method Consecutive
Method of processing Hammer mill
Power Switch Electromagnetic switch(Insid
Safety device Set Manual

Degradative treatments tank

Lightning Bio Detergent decommposed liquid bi
BIO-Addition method Controlled by PCB and automated supply by pump
Installation features Storage space under the sin
Disposal capacity 1.5Kg per day Maximum
Disposable Object Crushable gabarge or waste by disposur
Decommposed medium material Special spiral ball
Heating system Installed in the bottom of degradative treatme
Standard stirring time Rotated drum Rotate 2min→stop→Rotate 2min
oxyecoia supply equipment 5cc/24H, 0.2cc every hou
Ventilaition Fan None
Material of degradative treatments tank Drum:SUS304
Power/Power Consumption AC100V(50/60Hz)/150w
Dimensions/Weight 460mm W x 385mm D x 500 H 9.9Kg

※Please understand that the specification and appearance may change without notice in order to keep the quality of products.

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