Kitchen revolution in the garbage disposal disposer waste water treatment system [garbage ZERO] garbage decomposition into water and carbon dioxide ... the industry's first innovative garbage disposal disposer system.

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Environmental and technical information

It decompose 1.5kg of garbage a day

Special materials that bio responsible for the decomposition of garbage to implantate made of landing material. Microorganisms hundreds of millions in 1g are living in the spiral of the surface, it will start to decomposed with the garbage.

Decomposition tank heater is built for adjusting the suitable tempreture 30 ℃ ~ 37 ℃ so that keeps Bio active all season. Also it has blended bio-degrade the oil and enzyme, there is no need for replacement for a long period not stick oil film on the spiral surface.

One of weakness to use conventional processing machine is stench, but ZERO shut the smells out completely.

Our theme is '' clean and comfortable living environment". Bio-formulation that was developed for the purpose of improving the environment around the kitchen. It is safe and harmless microorganisms and enzymes to decompose the bad odor and grease.

BIO is automatically fed once a day that shut the smell out completely and prevent clogging of the drainage pipe at the same time.

Very economical and only 16(about 15Cents) yen a day electric bill *depends on where you live

Only 480(4.50dollars) yen a month. *depends on where you live

Compact design

Newly built single-family, existing buildings and condominiums anywhere can be installed, you will be happy to set up in any kitchen

Garbage that capable to decompose with ZERO

Such as a bone, leftover food, noodles, bread, cakes, fruits, fish, chicken, all kind gabage will be dicomposed.

Garbage that not capable to decompose with ZERO

Big bone and fibers such as strong plant (corn husk), spare ribs freshwater clam and large shells, egg shells, such as clams, Metals, crockery, glass, stone, rubber, leather kind, cloth, paper, wrap kind, cigarette butts, wood, bamboo of tobacco

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