Kitchen revolution in the garbage disposal disposer waste water treatment system [garbage ZERO] garbage decomposition into water and carbon dioxide ... the industry's first innovative garbage disposal disposer system.

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Garbage ZERO

Household garbage automatic wastewater treatment system Eco-friendly that has acquired the conformity assessment.

Japan Sewage Works Association (specified rating agency)

Qualified by Doshisha University Faculty of Engineering, Biochemical Engineering Laboratory conformity assessment05-DIS-002National governments does not allow the installation of the disposer itself.

The disposer can be installed only if sewer station approved after certain standards passed that Japan Sewage Works Association has created.

Food waste into water and carbon dioxide…

ZERO is the garbage, such as cooking waste and leftover

food out from the kitchen, it is an innovative garbage

processing system for decomposing into water and carbon

dioxide. You just need to throw the food waste

into the sink.

Commitment to protecting the environment

Global environment image

from home is the present situation that has been buried

in the desert. In fact it has become a major problem.

In Dubai in developing countries has been increasing with

the development garbage countries.

The landfill in the remaining four years has been said to be full.

We must solve garbage problem on the go the future to develop

a beautiful town Dubai with the cooperation of those residents now.

ZERO will decompose the garbage into waterand carbon dioxide.

Garbage that has been put into a disposer is ground with water,

it will be sent to the bio decomposition tank of "garbage ZERO".

Garbage in the rotating drum of the decomposition tank is eaten

in the bio of force, and then explod.

It is drained to become water and carbon dioxide that does not

adversely affect the environment.

No maintenance required everyday

Disposal amount of one day ZERO is about 1.5kg.

The average garbage amount of general household is said

to be 1.0g.

It usually causes emissions with the dried processing machine,

and? bio liquid fertilizer with the apparatus.

However, ZERO is for the flow to sewage most of the garbage

in the water and carbon dioxide, maintenance is not required

all the time.

Bio will also be automatically supplied from the tank.

And a bad smell is completely shut out with the state-of-the-art

technology that including odor sensor in the garbage disposor.

Do not worry about cockroaches and flies.

No Maintenace image

Safety Easy operation

The framework of the technology will separate the normal

washing water and the gabage from the disposer with automatic

trap valve.

Drainage will discharge through the decomposition tank When you

wash the dish.

Trap valve is closed only when operating the disposer.

Garbage will be pollution-free by entering the decomposition tank.

In addition, the electromagnetic switch is the lid of the disposer,

it is avoidable to operate by mistake.

other contents

0.0049 AED is electolicity

Electric utility expense is 0.0049 AED per day.


Highly adaptive for any kitchen

ZERO can be easily installed in the kitchen.

kitchen image


Microorganisms present hundreds of millions in the 1g are living on the surface of the spiral ball, and then decompose the garbage. Decomposition layer has build for Bio, it has been set to a temperature and environment suitable for bio-habitat, bio works actively. Also it has blended bio-degrade the oil, there is no need for replacement for a long period not stick oil film on the spiral surface.

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